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Update: My working-student-mum experiment

Hi there, in case you wondered… I’m still alive! The last weeks were just really busy, as I had the first ugly workload peak in my personal little ‘Being a working mum and studying as well’ experiment ;)

Besides getting up to speed with my customer’s team (which is working out great now), I had to submit my first assignment for my current course (B821). As I also wanted to spend time with my little one, a few things had to be ‘re-prioritized’, amongst them doing sports (except for a weekend playing Softball!) and blogging ;)

For my study report, I had to do a financial ratio analysis based on Ryanair’s Annual Report 2009 and forecast their performance. There was just too much information, not enough time and a very limited word count (3,500 words). Plus, in the ‘hot’ phase at the last day, OpenOffice gave me a hard time: I had about 15-20 little OLE tables in there, copied over from Calc, which vanished arbitrarily from the document with every save and/or application crash. Oh well, I’m not very keen on getting the score for that assignment back. I hope/think it will be enough for a pass.

So much for my update. And, the good news is: I’ve gathered some interesting topics for my next posts, like a few Prince2-related discussions and why bad projects are so hard to kill. Plus, I hope I finally manage to move my blog over to my new website soon. Stay tuned!

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